Shiv Shakti (Zee) 21st July 2023 Written Episode Update: Shiv saves Shakti’s life and her dream

Shiv Shakti (Zee) 21st July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shiv is outside the room where Shakti is locked. He says where are you Shakti? I feel like you are in trouble, give me a hint to save you. He looks around. Shakti is unconscious in the room but her locket falls out of the door. Shiv is leaving but finds the locket. He recalls how he lost it and then how Shakti was wearing it. He tries pulling it and asks if she is inside? he starts banging on the door and breaks it. He sees the room filled with gas and Shakti lying there unconscious. He shocked.

The nurse comes to Mandira and tries to talk but the manager calls her, he says Shakti didn’t come for her interview so we will take Nidhi’s interview. Mandira asks Nidhi to go and give her interview, she leaves. The nurse tells Mandira that I think that girl fainted, should I bring her out? Mandira says not at all, she should remain there till Nidhi gives her interview.

Shiv rushes to Shakti and asks her to wake up. Shakti recalls how she was saved in her childhood. Shakti wakes up a little. Shiv says you need to fight.. shakti says mummy papa.. Shiv says you need to wake up for your parents. Your dream is waiting for you, you need to give the interview. Shakti tries to wake up but faints again. Shiv says you can’t lose like this, you need to fulfill your dream. Shakti wakes up againa nd is panicking. Her phone rings and Shakti gets scared. She sees Rimjhim calling but Shiv says enough.. you are not going home, you need to go for your interview. You shouldn’t care about your life, you are going to be a doctor so your patient should be your priority, people have hopes from us to put them above our lives. This is why doctors are called Gods so you can’t lose to your weakness. You have to get up and fight. Shakti is weak and says I am sorry.. I can’t do this. Shiv says the doctors only say sorry when they are unable to save a life. You are saying sorry to your dream? if you don’t get up today then you will be sorry for your life. You should ask me when you are unable to save someone then how helpless you feel. He cries and says you should ask me how that feels. You need to become a doctor, you deserve this. He holds her hands and says these hands are made to save people. God has blessed you so you need to give this interview for your parents and God. Do you really want to lose your dream today? Please get up for your parents, for Lord and for me.. Shakti cries and doesn’t get up. Shiv gets disappointed and starts to leave but Shakti holds his hand and says I want to become a doctor. Shiv smiles and pulls her up. She is about to fall down but Shiv holds her. They share an eyelock. Shakti says how will I go? I can’t even walk. Shiv says just be with me, its my duty to take you there. Shiv won’t let Shakti’s dreams go unfulfilled.

Scene 2
Mandira gives the form to Nidhi and tells the manager that Shakti couldn’t even come for her interview, we can’t give her this opportunity when she is so unprofessional.

Keertan is dreaming about Shakti. He sees her calling and thinks its Shakti. He takes the call and says baby.. Manorama says I am baby’s mother, who are you? Keertan gets scared and acts like a tailor. Manorama is shocked and says my daughter is having an affair with a tailor? that can’t happen. Keertan cuts the call and is scared. Its Shakti’s problem so I shouldn’t get into it.

Shiv tells Shakti that her problems are his now. Shakti says how will I go for the interview? he says just leave that on me. He holds her in his arms and picks her up. Shakti stares at him as Shiv takes her from there. Nandu smiles seeing them. Shiv puts Shakti on the wheelchair and says your problem is no problem. Her chain gets stuck in his watch so he gently pulls it away. Nandu is shocked to see his chain on her neck but Shiv stops him. Shiv takes Shakti from there.

Mandira is taking Nidhi for her interview. The manager gives a final calls for Shakti. Mandira smirks and thinks she won’t be coming. Shiv is wheeling Shakti there.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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