Rabb Se Hai Dua 25th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Haider brings Ravi home

Rabb Se Hai Dua 25th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Haider comes back home and says I have brought someone with me.. He brings Ravi on the wheel chair and he is beaten up. Hina says he doesn’t have a place here, he can stay with Dua as he is disloyal to us. Haider says he is injured.. this house belongs to Ravi also, he is like my brother and you know he lives alone so who will take care of him? Hina says he should have thought that before being on Dua’s side. Rahat says you shouldn’t be so cruel with him. Hina says sorry but you have no observation skills about people.. Ravi can’t stay here. Haider asks what did he do wrong? Gazal says he was with Dua and tried to harm us, he can’t stay here, he is just a servant but he had guts to go against you.. Dua is gone so this servant should be thrown out of the house too.. you can hire a nurse for him but he can’t stay here. Haider shouts are you an animal? I told you before also that Ravi is my brother and he will stay here only. Gazal says stop being a bigger person, I know you want to keep him here because he is like Dua’s brother.. tell everyone that you still love Dua that’s why you are keeping this rat here. Haider shouts that I keep telling you that I don’t love Dua but if you keep reminding me about her then I might bring her back. Gazal says you still love her, I cry for your love but you keep chanting her name.. I pray that she dies. Haider glares at her and says even if Dua dies.. she will still live and you still won’t be able to compare to her, you are way low than Dua. She isn’t here but people still keep talking about her, Dua didn’t just love me.. she loved everyone in this house, she took take care of my father, mother, Dadi and everyone here. Dua fulfilled her duties as daughter in law of this house. Ravi can die for her because she took care of him. At least he is still loyal to her but some selfish people changed sides even after getting Dua’s care. Gazal says but.. Haider says enough, this is my house and I will decide who will live here. Ravi will stay here and don’t you dare misbehave with him. He takes him from there. Gazal thinks something is fishy.

Scene 2
Haider tells Ravi that I feel like I shouldn’t have brought you here, Dua isn’t here to take care of you. Kaynaat comes there and says don’t worry. I will take care of him so you can go for work. Haider smiles and thanks her, he leaves. Kaynaat brings food for Ravi and he is crying. He says I am missing Dua. Kaynaat says soon she will be back.. I will take care of you. He smiles. Kaynaat get Hafeez’s call and leaves. Ravi calls Dua and says our plan is working, Haider brought me back home. Dua says good, you have to keep an eye on everyone. He says Hafeez and Kaynaat’s relationship broke right? She says yes. Ravi says but Hafeez was calling Kaynaat and she seemed scared. Dua recalls Hafeez saying that he doesn’t care about Kaynaat anymore. Dua says don’t worry about them, she asks him to keep an eye on everyone.

Gazal tells Hina that Dua must have sent Ravi here to keep an eye on us. Hina says the only solution is that you make relationship with Haider stronger. You have to bear his child. Gazal says I need to come closer to him but he already broke my back before. Gazal says you have done enough but I will do everything for you only. Gazal smirks.

Hafeez asks Kaynaat if she is ready to run away from the house? she says we can’t do that.. I love you but I can’t do this. Hafeez says if you can’t run away with me then it means you don’t love me enough.. if you can’t be with me then lets end this relationship, you have time till tomorrow to choose between me and your family. He ends the call and sees Dua standing there. She asks is everything okay? who were you calling? He says just a friend. Dua asks for his phone as her battary is dead, he gives it to her and leaves. Dua sees that the last call was to Kaynaat and thinks why did he lie to me?

Haider is working and imagines working with Dua. He gets a call from the client and says yes the designs will be ready soon.

Hamida scolds Hafeez for giving the phone to Dua. She must have doubted something, she will find out our plan soon so we have to fulfill it before she finds out. Dua hides and hears all that.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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