Meet 27th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Bilawal Arrests Sumeet

Meet 27th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shlok was pleasantly surprised when he saw Sumeet. They walked toward each other with the song playing in the background. Shlok hugged Sumeet, and she felt relieved to see him safe. They both got emotional, and Shlok showed Sumeet her anklet that she had dropped at Bilawal’s home. He knelt down and gently put the anklet back on Sumeet’s ankle, looking at her lovingly. Together, Shlok and Sumeet prayed to Lord Ganesha. Sumeet asked Shlok if he was safe because Bilawal had given her a blanket covered in blood and his locket.

Shlok told her that Bilawal had attacked him, but her love had saved him. He explained that Bilawal had fired a bullet very close to him, but with Lord Ganesh’s blessings, he was still alive. Shlok showed her the locket given to him by Dadu, which had stopped the bullet from entering his body. He mentioned that another Indian who was escaping with him couldn’t be saved, so he had exchanged the blankets. Shlok described how Akki had gotten scared and had hidden in a tent shop but had ended up right in front of Sumeet. He called it a miracle of Lord Ganesh.

Akki asked Sumeet when they would return home. She assured him that it would be very soon now that she and Shlok had reunited. She believed that no border could stop them from going back home. They all performed the Ganesh Aarti together. Sumeet reminded Shlok that they needed to inform their family members through the embassy that they were safe. She took a picture with Shlok and said they had to leave before Bilawal arrived. However, she was shocked when she saw Naaz approaching with Bilawal and other police officers. Sumeet hurriedly dragged Shlok and Akki into hiding.

At Shlok’s home, Raj brought a Ganapati idol, hoping that their sufferings would end soon with the blessings of Lord Ganesh. Dadi remarked to Poonam how Raj had become like Shlok to them now. Pankhuri felt disappointed seeing Raj and Priyanka together. Raj received some information from his embassy friend and showed a picture of Sumeet and Shlok together. He reassured everyone that they would be back soon. Raj asked Priyanka out on a date in a cute manner, but Pankhuri didn’t want her to go. Sarthak offered to take Pankhuri out for her favorite golgappas, but she got annoyed. Pankhuri secretly planned to do something to get closer to Raj and remove Sarthak from her life.

Naaz told Sumeet that she had invited them and was leaving herself. Bilawal mentioned that he wanted to see how grandly she celebrated the festival. Meanwhile, Shlok and Akki were hidden under a cart. Sumeet tried to leave, but Bilawal noticed a shoe and stopped her. He removed the curtain and was shocked to find Adil and Akki tied up. Bilawal untied Akki and questioned who had done this to him. Naaz became worried about Akki. Sumeet explained that she had held him captive because Bilawal had killed her husband, and she was seeking revenge. Sumeet even took a gun and pointed it at Shlok. Naaz expressed her disappointment in Sumeet and said she didn’t deserve her friendship. Shlok urged Sumeet not to risk her life. Bilawal forced Sumeet to drop the gun, but Shlok managed to snatch it from him and pointed it at Bilawal. As a result, Sumeet got arrested.

Precap: Sumeet thanks Lord Ganesha for helping her to meet Shlok and Akki and asks him to tell her a way to take them back to India.
Sumeet sends a note to Shlok with help of a toy helicopter. Shlok gets the note and he bumps into a person, he looks at his passport and find out he is Adil Zafar

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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