Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 20th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Kesar insists on knowing the truth

Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 20th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Baa telling Ambika that if Kesar’s behavior remains the same then she can’t become this house bahu or any other house bahu. Just then Kesar drops the sweets bowl and is about to pick it, when Jayati stops her and says you will be hurt. Kesar signs sorry to Ambika and goes. Baa says why do we see only her flaws and don’t see her qualities. Baa says saas’ heart don’t do this. Ambika says she said truth that she has not taken bath, though she knows that she will be scolded. She says she will learn everything with time. baa says you will make her bahu. Ambika says I will not force my decision on her and will tell her at the right time, if I tell her now then her innocence will be lost, and says now she plays with children and I don’t want her to be burden with responsibilities. She says when Ambe Maa wants, then she will know.

Kabir asks his friends to fool customers until they buy it. The friend asks him if he got any news about the girl. Kabir says I can’t ask Police, but I trust that wherever she is, she is with the good people. Kesar gets down from her car and asks Riddhi and her brother to bring decoration stuff, and says Darshan and I will get gift for Maa. Riddhi and her brother go to Kabir’s road side cart shop. Kabir tells about the offer. Riddhi’s brother asks Kabir if they are buying stolen stuff, seeing the name on the flute. He confronts him and asks the lady if she will buy stolen stuff. The lady goes. Kabir gets angry. Ansh says he will tell his Mummy. Riddhi and Ansh go from there.

The goon talks to a lady and says Madam ji, we are searching for that girl since 12 years, on whose hand, there is trishul sign mark. Kesar collides with him and his phone falls down. Kesar picks the phone from the ground and gives it to him. He doesn’t see trishul mark on her hand. Kesar sends Ansh to get pot from Kabir’s shop. Ansh asks Kabir to give the pots and says please. Kabir gives him pot. Ansh runs holding then pot, while Kabir and his friends run behind him. Kesar takes all the stuff in the cloth and throws it in the gutter and runs away with her brothers and sister. Shakuntala stops her and scolds her taking her mother’s name. Kesar asks her not to take her mother’s name. Shakuntala asks her who is your mother? Kesar says Ambika Dheeran Raj Gaur. Shakuntala is shocked. She brings Kesar to Ambika’s house and shouts Ambika’s call. Kesar tells her that she has pulled her ears. Shakuntala tells that Kesar has thrown her stuff in the gutter. Ansh, Riddhi and Darshan take her side. Ambika asks Kesar if she did. Kesar nods her head. Ambika says you shouldn’t have pulled her ears. Shakuntala says you should have pulled her ears and says it seems you couldn’t fulfill your swear which you had taken 12 years old. Kesar asks what swear? Shakuntala says I will tell you, and tells that you have so much burden on your shoulder of responsibilities and says you have to fulfilled Ambika’s swear. Kesar asks what? Shakuntala says I will tell you the truth and says you are….

Ambika stops her and says Shakuntala ji…and says human’s tongue if leaves limits then it ruins years long hardwork, and that’s why we all shall be in our limits. Kesar asks what Kaki was saying? Shakuntala says you are this family’s jaan and says you did so much, but your mother didn’t scold you. Kesar says don’t fool me and asks her to say truth. Ambika asks her to go to room. Kesar and the kids go to their rooms. Shakuntala apologizes to Ambika and says I didn’t know that you didn’t tell truth to Kesar. Ambika sees Kesar standing and trying to hear them, and signs her to go. Kesar goes to room. Shakuntala says Kesar has to become bahu of the house, then why did you give her so much liberty, and says like last time, your Kesar will get the next partition. She says bahu shall be controlled and she shall know how to talk to elders, their ears shall be open and mouth shall be closed. She asks Baa if she is saying wrong. Ambika says there are so many hopes from bahu, but just one hope from son, that they shall just be born. Shakuntala says I wouldn’t have come, if I didn’t have loss. Ambika asks her, how much money she needs for the loss. Shakuntala says 10000 Rs and gets greedy and says we would have sold her for 15000 Rs. She says I will come with Bhakti to make batti and goes.

Kesar goes to the bathroom and sits under the hot water. Ansh and others get shocked seeing smoke coming out of the bathroom. Baa tells Ambika that Shakuntala kept quiet due to greed, but Kesar got eager to know the truth now. She says before she knows it from someone else, you shall tell her. Ansh comes there and tells about Kesar. Everyone runs there. Ambika goes inside the bathroom and switches off the water tap. She covers towel on her and takes Kesar outside. Kesar asks what is the truth, I want to know it. Ambika says if you had seated for some more time, then you would have got boils on you. She tells her that she will tell her tomorrow on Baa’s birthday, after the evening Bhoj and asks if you can’t wait for one more day. Kesar nods her head. Ambika cries seeing the burns on her body, due to the hot water. Kesar waits for Ambika to tell her the truth and looks the clock. Next day, she gets ready and says I will know everything today.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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