You will not be able to use this feature of Youtube, the platform said goodbye to the Insta-Facebook feature

Youtube Feature: YouTube is about to say goodbye to one of its features. This means that YouTube is ending a feature of its platform. This is such a feature, which you are currently using on Instagram and Facebook as well, but after a while you will not be able to do it on YouTube. That time will be 26 June. After June 26, you will not get to see this feature on YouTube. But what is a feature? Let us know the answer to this question. 

YouTube will say goodbye to this feature

YouTube is going to say bye bye to the Stories feature from June 26. This feature is available on Instagram and Facebook. Many people like this feature on Instagram and Facebook, but this feature on YouTube is not very attractive to the users. Many people are unaware of this feature of YouTube. Only a few individuals realize its existence within the app. This is the reason why the platform has now decided to say goodbye to this feature. 

History of Youtube Stories

Youtube Stories was first introduced in 2017 and was initially called Reels. This feature was available to YouTubers who had more than 10,000 Sunscribers. Later, the idea of ​​Stories came from Instagram. Instagram itself took inspiration from Snapchat. Just like both these platforms, YouTube has also released its feature. In this, the stories disappear after a certain time. Creators can use Stories to share updates to promote their channel. However, it seems that Stories are not very popular on YouTube.

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