You can use Chat GPT instead of Siri in iPhone, how?

ChatGPT in iPhone: Open AI launched Chat GPT last year. Since then till now, this chatbot is continuously in headlines. After all, why not, this chatbot is so capable and advanced. Open AI’s Chat GPT has become so popular that many companies have integrated it into their products and services. According to a latest report, 25 million traffic is being seen in Chat GPT every day. Even after gaining so much popularity, one drawback regarding this chatbot is that its mobile application is still not made. It can be accessed only through the website or other companies have integrated it in their app.

I created an iOS shortcut that allows you to replace Siri with ChatGPT.

It’s super simple:
– Install extension
– Enter OpenAI API key
– Add to home
– Tell it what you want

Here’sa video of Hey GPT in action.

It blows Siri out of the water.


— Mckay Wrigley (@mckaywrigley) March 27, 2023

We all use smartphones today more than laptops, desktops. So today through this article we will tell you how you can access Chat GPT on your iPhone with one click. Hey GPT was launched last month through which you can easily access Chat GPT on iPhone. Actually, this is a kind of shortcut tool that replaces Siri from Chat GPT in iPhone and iPad. As soon as you activate He-GPT, you can do any other work like e-mail etc. with the help of Chat GPT. To activate Hey-GPT in iPhone, you have to click on this link and install it. We are adding a video here so you can understand better.

New version of Chat GPT

Open AI launched GPT-4, a new version of Chat GPT, in the month of March. The new version is more advanced and accurate than before. In the latest version, people can also ask questions to the chatbot through photos. However, the new version is available only for paid subscribers. If you want to use the latest version, then you have to buy the paid version of Chat GPT. 

Chat GPT has been integrated into many apps so far

Chat GPT of Open AI has been integrated in many search engines and apps till now. Recently it was reported that Microsoft has integrated Chat GPT in Skype, Swiftkey keyboard and Microsoft Edge browser. Means now users can access this chatbot on Skype and Swiftkey keyboard.

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