Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th May 2023 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Abhinav saying please stop fighting, one has motherly love and other has ego, Abhir wanted to come here, he was missing Kasauli and friends, we were coming back because you are there, Bhai ji, we want you to be a part of his life. Abhi says you should have told me before getting Abhir here, I would have not kept the case on hold if I knew this would happen. Akshu says I was scared before because of Abhir’s health, I m not scared now, I challenge you, take him away and show me. He says challenge accepted. She says you think he will forget us and go with doc man. He says I will tell him the truth after he gets fine, I will take him with me. Abhinav says no one will go anywhere, Abhi should stay here with us, Abhir is our child, think of the effect on him, you can stay here for a month, its your decision. Abhi says I will stay here, you also listen to me. Abhir comes and says I got pastries for you. Abhinav asks where is Neela. Abhir says she is talking to someone outside. Akshu lifts Abhir in arms. Abhir says you are going to stay here. Abhi says yes, for a month, ask your mumma. Abhir asks Akshu. She smiles and nods.

Manjiri asks for Abhi. Shefali says he would be stuck in work. Manish comes and says he won’t come home, he is fine but what he is doing with Akshu and Abhinav is not okay, he is in Kasauli, he is going to stay in their house for one month, Abhir told this to me on call, you know Akshu and Abhinav’s relation is delicate, why didn’t you stop him. She says you should have stopped them from taking Abhir. He says you should have stopped Abhi. Akshu and Abhinav have a talk in their room. She says you made a big mistake, he will call us bad parents, and he won’t even regret doing this. Manjiri says Akshu doesn’t want to share Abhir’s love, why did she take him away, my son got his son after a long time, what could a dad do in this situation. He says he is related to me also, I loved him more than a son, now I feel I m wrong and Kairav thinks right about him. Akshu is angry. Abhi asks are you talking about me. She says take this, it’s a house, not a hotel. He thanks her. She says everyone had to go at this time only. He shuts the washroom door. She says slowly. He says its not getting shut. She says do it with love. He says its like you, its not listening. She shuts the door from outside. She asks him not to break things if he can’t join. He says breaking things is your habit. He starts the shower. There is no water. He shouts and tells her. She says keep the tap open, it will come. He asks shall I do Tapasya or dance like Apsara to impress Indradev. She says try and see, I will get a bucket of water. He says thanks a lot. She gets the heavy bucket. He asks are you fine. She says yes. He wears the tshirt and goes out to take the bucket from her hand. Abhinav comes and takes the bucket. Later, Abhi comes to dine. Abhinav asks him to have toast and fruits. Abhir comes and says its bring your father’s day tomorrow, fathers have to tell about their profession, fathers and kids have to make projects, will you come with me, tell me. Abhinav says yes. Akshu asks Abhir to go and have a bath. Abhir goes. Abhi asks can I go with Abhir to his school, I m his dad, I will go as a guardian, please.

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