Yakub Patel Mayor in UK: Big position for Indian Muslim in Britain, Gujarat-born Yakub Patel becomes Preston’s new mayor

Yakub Patel Mayor in England: Gujarat-born Yakub Patel has been elected as the new mayor of the city of Preston in the county of Lancashire in the UK. Jacob was previously a councilor and an active member of the local community. He was born in Bharuch district of Gujarat, moved to UK in 1976 after graduating from Baroda University.

British media reported that Yakub Patel has taken over as the new mayor of Preston, a city in the county of Lancashire in northern England, which has a mayor’s tradition dating back to the 14th century. After taking over as mayor, Jacob said there that "I have strong ties to this city, where I began my career in 1979 with Preston Corporation." He was then first elected as a Labor Party councilor for the city’s Avenham ward in 1995, becoming the first Muslim councilor in the history of Preston City Council.

Patel has a passion for community service
Preston City Council said, "Yakub has always been associated with local community organizations." The council statement said, "His focus has always been on bringing about a positive change in the community in which he lives. Yakub’s passion lies in serving his family and the community he represents.

Jacob was associated with Preston Corporation in UK for a long time. He held roles as a Revenue Inspector, Traffic Inspector, Assistant Chief, Chief Inspector and Operations Manager before retiring in July 2009. She also worked with Preston Bus, the city bus operator, in roles that included  chairman of the board of directors, health and safety representative and ACT union.

Act as ‘First Citizen’
The Mayor of Preston serves as the City’s ‘First Citizen’, which means that they speak on behalf of and are an important part of his identity. They also represent the local people in civic and ceremonial events. As a Preston City Councillor, it marks an elected role to represent the communities and, once elected and serving as Deputy Mayor for one year, they To serve as mayor are‍part of the council. 

Yakub is in politics since the age of 10
It is said that he has been in politics since the age of 10. During that period, he followed in the footsteps of his late father, who was an ardent supporter and member of the Congress Party in India led by former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. In the UK, Jacobs served as deputy mayor of Preston since May last year and this week formally took over as mayor there for 2023-24. 

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