Wrote more than 100 novels with the help of ChatGPT, earned so much money while sitting

ChatGPT: There is discussion about AI everywhere. AI is going to prove to be a big game changer in the coming times. A lot has become easier with the help of AI. After the introduction of Open AI Chat GPT in the market, people are using it to simplify their work. Meanwhile, a surprising news is coming out regarding Chat GPT. In fact, an author wrote more than 100 novels in less than a year using this AI tool and earned millions by selling them.

According to the New York Post report, an author named Tim Boucher wrote more than 100 novels in less than a year with the help of AI tools like Chat GPT and Anthropic Cloud, in which images have also been used. The aim of the author was to create such e-books that combine science-fiction with AI. Tim Boucher writes Novels to  "AI Lore series"  And he believes that these books demonstrate the amazing possibilities of AI in enhancing human creativity. The author has written these books with the help of Open AI’s Chat GPT and image generation tools, which contain more than 5000 words and dozens of images.

earn this much money 

Tim Boucher told that he wrote many books in a short time taking the help of AI. He also told a surprising incident and said that he completed a novel in just less than three hours and sold 500 copies between August and May. While sitting, the author earned $2,000 i.e. Rs 1,65,536 by selling the novels.

It is known from this article that if AI is used properly, then a person can increase his creativity and can do more work in less time. Tim prepared these novels as a series so that readers would be interested in reading further novels. Writing with the help of AI, the cost of these novels was also very pocket friendly and each novel was available between $ 2 to $ 4.

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