Xi Jinping Russia Visit: Xi Jinping will go to Russia, Chinese Foreign Ministry confirms – will meet Putin next week

Xi Jinping Russia Visit: Chinese President Xi Jinping will visit Russia next week. His visit to Moscow has just been confirmed by the Foreign Ministry of China. Xi will meet Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow. This visit of Xi Jinping is taking place in the midst of the Russia-Ukraine War, so the eyes of the world are on him. 

The Chinese President will be on a three-day visit to Russia.
The Chinese Foreign Ministry told on Friday (March 17) that Chinese President Xi Jinping will be visiting Russia from March 20. This will be Jinping’s first foreign visit after securing a third term as President of China. At the same time, the center of Russian power on this trip "Kremlin" The statement of has also come. The Kremlin statement said, "Xi Jinping will be on a state visit to Russia from 20-22 March. Topical issues including comprehensive partnership relations and strategic cooperation between Russia and China will be discussed here during his visit."

Both the countries will grow closer, a blow for America!
The Chinese President’s visit to Russia has become a topic of discussion among global experts. Many experts say that Xi Jinping’s visit to Russia is very significant, especially when the US and other Western countries remain the eyesore of Russia – and China. Both these countries have been at loggerheads with America on different issues. Both these countries are not democratic and communism dominates them. America is against Russia in Russia-Ukraine war, while America’s relations with China are also not normal. In such a situation, the growing closeness between Russia and China will further increase the concern of America.

Will China now end the Ukraine war?
Chinese President’s visit to Russia Russia Ukraine It is also being seen from the point of view of stopping the war. Let us tell you that recently, China had reconciled two Islamic countries Saudi Arabia and Iran by ending years of enmity. Now in the report of ‘Wall Street Journal’, a reputed global media organization, it has been said that the Chinese President can also mediate between Russia and Ukraine. He can speak directly to the President of Ukraine on call. China wants to become a ‘Global Leader’ by making this effort of ‘Peace-establishment’.

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