Will China’s status increase with the agreement between Saudi Arabia and Iran? Know its meaning for India

Islamic countries Saudi Arabia and Iran, which were once staunch enemies, recently announced the resumption of diplomatic relations. The announcement after the meeting in China surprised the world. There was no response from India on this. However, many countries including America, France have welcomed it. But if we look at the Saudi Arabia-Iran deal and China’s role in it, there are many things in it. 

The first thing is that this conversation was going on for a long time. Earlier this conversation was going on in Iraq. After this there were talks about security in Oman as well. There are many reasons behind and between the two countries- Saudi Arabia was earlier thinking that regime change of America in Iran is its policy and it will be successful.  Then he felt that Israel was repeatedly threatening to attack, that too did not happen, nor did the regime change.  These two Gulf countries are a big power..so they felt that it is better to have a round of talks. Through this the issue should be resolved. 

The second thing is also that regarding the issue of Iran’s security inside the Gulf, it is the responsibility of the local countries there to protect it, not Saudi Arabia that America and Let us all do it together to the western countries and ourselves. Now there is a lot of change in the policy of Saudi Arabia as well. They are also following the path of an independent foreign policy. The dependence he had with America regarding his security is also decreasing. A big change is also coming in Saudi Arabia. On the other hand, the influence of America is now seen decreasing in Arab countries. 

Iran thinks talks necessary

The general public was not happy with him and the regime which was pro-Arab, was threatening them like what happened in 2011. When the Uprising had happened, they were also afraid that that situation might not happen again. They are now adopting independent foreign policy. On the other side it was also that Iran also thought that talks are necessary to solve the issues and they are already under so many sanctions of America then it would be better to at least establish better relations with the neighboring countries. Let’s do. It was in the interests of both of them to build a better relationship between them. China definitely had a role in this and India could have played this role as far as I understand. But China secretly had a role in this and secretly negotiated between the two countries.

But I do not think that China’s dominance will increase there much. Since Saudi Arabia is now adopting an independent foreign policy and in the coming days, I feel that they will take advantage of the gap or estrangement between America and China. America’s withdrawal from the Gulf countries created a vacuum especially in Saudi Arabia. I do not think that China will be able to complete it. The second thing is that China has not yet become a global power. He is an economic power, a big trader of the world. But it doesn’t have any effect. China’s Belt and Road Initiative has further tarnished its image in Arab and African countries… So I think Saudi Arabia  will maintain these relations very wisely. There is no doubt that China’s influence is increasing. But to say that China will replace America is not so. I think they trust Russia more than China.

India is not surprised

I do not think that India is surprised by this deal. India has ignored it. Has not given too much statement nor has spoken anything against it and if the tension is less then it is good for India. Since India is still seeing whether it is being influenced by China, whether China is emerging as a big power, whether China will try to reduce India’s interference, it is not so in the coming days. India’s relation with Saudi Arabia is thousands of years old and we have been continuously moving in this direction. India has a very good image in the whole Arab country. The second thing is that India is a very big economy and we import oil from there on a large scale. India has a big trade with these countries and especially with Saudi Arabia. PM Modi personally also has a good relationship with the Crown Prince and King Salman. India has always supported Arab countries. Because of this India’s image is better there and since India’s economy is growing rapidly, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries are also seeing that they will be benefited a lot by investing in India.

Now the era of dominance is coming to an end. Multi polar world is emerging. Saudi Arabia itself is talking about joining the group of BRICS countries like regional institutions. I do not think that China will dominate there as was the case with America and Europe. Now it is that Saudi Arabia will deal with China, India and Russia and they cannot leave America completely. Since America has very close relations with these countries. See, I do not explain that because of economic interest, Saudi Arabia understands very well that India is getting cheap oil from Russia and we have old relations with Russia and earlier also we used to take a lot of Russian oil. And at this time Saudi Arabia is supplying its oil and gas to western countries and it is not causing any economic loss to it and India’s relations with Gulf countries are maintained as before. This is a temporary tour, war is going on, because of this all these changes are coming. There is fear of global economic recession. The way banks are failing in Europe and America, during this time India has saved its economy by taking cheap oil from Russia. I think it is in the interest of the whole world and also in the interest of the Arab countries.

I do not think that America’s dominance will decrease but gradually its influence seems to be decreasing and these quarrels are more visible than the Biden administration of America. If the Republicans come to power there again, it will strengthen again. The second thing is that Saudi Arabia no longer wants dependence on others. Since times have changed. Multi polar world is becoming. Saudi Arabia’s influence is increasing. Since the war between Russia and Ukraine, the value of its oil has increased further. Crown Prince Salman repeatedly says that now we need to adopt an independent foreign policy. It is also a matter that the Saudi country and its people are also not very happy with America. See, India’s relations with these countries will remain the same.

Being in this deal of China will not make much difference. Since India has investment in these countries and 75 lakh citizens of India work in Arab countries and 70 to 80 percent of our oil used to come from there and will come later also. India has a trade of more than 100 billion with these countries, private and public sector companies of India are investing here… So it does not seem from anywhere that the situation will be reversed at once. The second thing is that India has cheap labor as compared to America and European countries, they are equally educated and intelligent. If there is a technical class, then overall it is that this deal will not affect the relations with India.

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