Weird News: Why the mother of Scotland got the dead body of the child from the hospital after 48 years, know the whole matter

Scotland Woman Gets Her Baby Dead Body: It took four decades for a mother to find the remains of her child’s dead body. Actually this whole matter is Scotland. Where a mother was fighting a battle for 48 years to get her son’s dead body. The helpless mother finally got success.

According to the BBC report, 74-year-old Lydia Reid, a resident of Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, struggled for many years to find out what happened to her dead child. According to reports, their newborn child had died in 1975, but Lydia could not find out what happened to her son. In fact, they did not find her dead body in the coffin of her newborn child.

The first success was achieved in 2017

For this Lydia took the support of the court. He got his first success in September 2017. When a court had given permission to dig the child’s grave. After digging the grave, it was found that the child was not at the place of burial. According to reports, the child was one week old when he was diagnosed with Rhesus disease. Because of this he had died. Actually, it is a disease in which the antibodies in the blood of a pregnant woman destroy the blood cells of her child. Due to which children die.

The hospital showed a different child

The Crown Office has asked Reid to hand over his son’s body parts to them after 48 years of struggle. Reed’s baby’s organs were kept at the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary. In this long period, Reed ran many important campaigns. This helped to uncover how hospitals were illegally retaining body parts from dead children for research. After his campaign, there were many more revelations regarding this. 

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