Watch: A person was driving a car while talking on the phone, the police issued a challan while riding a horse

Viral Video Of Policeman On Horseback: Talking on mobile while driving is a legal offense in most countries of the world. There is also a provision of fine if found doing so. A video of a similar case from Britain is going viral on social media. In which the police is taking action against a driver of horse riding who does not follow the traffic rules. 

This video is being told of Somerset city of UK. Where a young man is seen driving a car while talking on the phone. The Road Policing and Road Safety Team of Avon and Somerset Police shared this video from their official Twitter handle. In which it can be seen that the car driver is walking on a busy road while continuously talking on his phone. Behind him are two police officers on horseback.  

Fines £200 

The police department wrote in the caption of the Twitter post that a campaign is being run to reduce the risk of drivers using their phones while driving. The driver was stopped at East Reach Taunton in the Town and given 6 points and a £200 fine. Also instructions have been given not to do so in future. 

Officers from @ASPoliceHorses have been supporting , our operation to clamp down on the risk posed by drivers who use their phone at the wheel. This driver was sighted & . Drivers face 6 points & £200 fine if caught using a phone.

— ASPolice Roads Policing (RPU) (@ASPRoadSafety) March 14, 2023

It can be seen in the video that the officer on the horse is scolding the car rider. The police officer can be heard saying that you know that you should not use the phone while driving the car. In response, the car driver seems to be saying that I have a problem. The officer again asked are you driving and are you on the phone, and I can see that a phone call is going on. To which the car driver is unable to answer. After which action is taken on it 

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