Vehicles in Imran Khan’s convoy collided with each other, three injured, PTI chief safe

Accident In Imran Khan’s Convoy: Former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan is going to Islamabad today to join the Toshakhana case. An accident happened with his convoy on the way. Several vehicles running in his convoy collided with each other. However, in the midst of all this Imran Khan is completely safe. 

Imran Khan is appearing today in a court in Islamabad to present his side in the Toshakhana case and to avoid arrest. Duty of 4000 security personnel has been imposed in Islamabad regarding his appearance.

What did Imran say by tweeting?
Before leaving his house for the court, Imran Khan Tweeted and said, after today it has become clear that despite getting bail in all my cases, the PDM government wants to arrest me. Despite knowing their malicious intentions, I am going to court because I believe in the rule of law, but the intention of this gang of miscreants should be made clear to all.

Imran Khan said, It is clear that the siege of Lohar has taken place to make sure that I am taken to jail after the court so that I cannot lead our election campaign. 

It is now clear that, despite my having gotten bail in all my cases, the PDM govt intends to arrest me. Despite knowing their malafide intentions, I am proceeding to Islamabad & the court bec I believe in rule of law. But ill intent of this cabal of crooks shd be clear to all.

— Imran Khan (@ImranKhanPTI) March 18, 2023

Imran further said, Punjab police attacked my house in Zaman Park while I was appearing, I am not there and Bushra Begum is alone at home. Under which law are they doing this? Is this a part of London plan where this exercise is being done to bring fugitive Nawaz Sharif back to power. 

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