US-Russia Relation: ‘Our aircraft will fly where the law permits’, America’s reply to Russia after the drone incident

US-Russia Drone Issue: The unmanned surveillance drone of America collided with the Russian fighter plane on Tuesday (March 14). This collision took place over the Black Sea, after which there has been a tense situation between the two countries. Now US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin issued a statement on Wednesday (March 15) saying that American aircraft will fly wherever international law allows.

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin warned Russia that the American drone was shot down because of its jet. After that, work carefully in the future. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin made the statement shortly after the drone incident over the Black Sea in a phone call with Russian counterpart Sergei Shoigu about the incident.

Operate in a safe and professional manner
An unmanned US surveillance drone was damaged by two Russian fighter jets, which damaged the drone’s propeller. Immediately after hitting there, the American surveillance drone fell into the water below. After the incident, the US called it careless and unprofessional, while Russia denied  refuting the US allegations and accused the US of flying in the area with a misconception.

US Defense Secretary Austin told the media after the call with Shoigu that wherever the US is allowed by international law, it will fly and continue its work. It is now up to Russia to operate its military aircraft in a safe and professional manner.

Keeping lines of communication open
Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs Mark Milley said the Pentagon is still analyzing video and data from the drone to determine exactly what happened. He said that till now we do not know whether it was done intentionally or not.

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