US On LAC: Arunachal Pradesh part of India or China? America gave a big statement

America: America has once again supported India amidst the ongoing tension with China. Actually, America has recognized the McMahon Line between China and Arunachal Pradesh as an international border. Along with this, Arunachal Pradesh has been described as an integral part of India. America has openly supported India in a resolution passed in the US Senate.

Actually, Senator Bill Haggerty, who introduced the proposal in the Senate along with Senator Jeff Merkley, has said that China continues to pose a serious threat to the free and open Indo-Pacific region, it is important for the US to play its role in this region. Stand shoulder to shoulder with our strategic partners, especially India.

We want peace in the Indo-Pacific region: US 

He said on Tuesday that this bill clearly recognizes Arunachal Pradesh as a part of India. China is trying to change the current situation on the Line of Actual Control, which is very unfortunate. America condemns this. We are in favor of making peace in the Indo-Pacific region. This is the reason why we are continuously expanding our partnership with India and the Quad countries. 

It is noteworthy that recently there was a violent clash between India and China near the Line of Actual Control. After this incident, the McMahon Line is once again recognized by the US as the international border between China and India. The resolution also rejects the claim of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) that Arunachal Pradesh is the territory of the PRC.

China’s antics on LAC condemned 

In the resolution, the US condemned China’s antics on the Line of Actual Control. Along with this, China has said that it is wrong to intensify military activities in the disputed area, to establish villages, to name places in Chinese language. 

Part of Arunachal Pradesh: America 

Bill Haggerty has said that the resolution makes it clear that the US considers Arunachal Pradesh an integral part of India and not the People’s Republic of China… and reiterates the US commitment to deepening support and assistance there, along with like-minded international partners in the region.

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