US Murder: First the woman was murdered, then cooked and ate her heart and then…

US Oklahoma Murder: Nowadays humanity seems to be ending in people. Some people very easily kill anyone. Some such very dangerous work has been done by Lawrence Paul Anderson, a 42-year-old man living in the state of Oklahoma, USA. Anderson brutally murdered a woman.

Lawrence Paul Anderson killed a woman and cut her heart out of her body and then cooked it and ate it after cutting it.

Committed 3 murders
Paul Anderson with savage nature did not stop here, he killed two more people including a four-year-old child, besides cutting the woman’s heart. According to The Independent, he committed all these murders in the year 2021. For this, he has been sentenced to life imprisonment in the US state of Oklahoma. In the second case, he was released from jail in the year 2021 and in less than a month after his release, he committed three murders. A few weeks after his release from prison he killed Andrea Blankenship and later took out the heart.

He took the woman’s heart and took it to his aunt’s house and prepared it with potatoes and ate it. ABC News reported that he then found 67-year-old Leon Pai and stabbed her 4-year-old granddaughter Keos Yates to death. He had also tried to feed prepared food before killing.

Sentenced to life imprisonment
Anderson was sentenced to 20 years in a drug case, of which he served only three years. He was punished by Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt. During the investigation of the lawsuit filed against him, it was found that Anderson was put on the punishment list by mistake. Apart from this, Anderson was sentenced to life imprisonment for the crime of murder, assault and eating body part. Anderson’s aunt, who was also injured in the attack, and the families of other victims have filed a lawsuit against the Oklahoma governor and the prison parole board.

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