Turkiye Floods: Another disaster in Turkey after the earthquake, many cities surrounded by floods, drowning houses, 5 people died

Floods In Turkiye: Now another big trouble has come in Turkiye (Turkey), which has suffered destruction due to earthquake. Here in the southern provinces, the water level has increased considerably and many cities have come under the grip of flood. People’s houses are being submerged due to flood. So far 5 people have lost their lives, while many civilians are said to be missing.

More than 55,700 people were killed in the earthquake
Earlier on February 6, Turkey and its neighboring country Syria had a 7.8 magnitude earthquake, which caused huge devastation in both the countries. In total, more than 55,700 people were killed and more than 80 thousand people were injured. This disaster was so devastating that thousands of buildings were destroyed like cards. Lakhs of people became homeless. Thousands of people are currently living in tents and containers.

UN said – food and living crisis of millions of people
The earthquake in Turkey had razed 1,60,000 buildings including about 5,20,000 apartments. After which massive rescue operations were started here. Many countries including India sent their disaster-relief rescue teams here. India had launched Operation Dost without delay, in which apart from rescuing the earthquake victims, arrangements were made for their food, clothes and accommodation. After this disaster, the UN said that now millions of people in Turkey and Syria will have to struggle for food and shelter. 

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