Trump vs Biden: US President called himself 400 years old, Biden said – I had a big fight with Trump, that future president ..

US President Joe Biden Speech Viral: US President Joe Biden, taking a jibe at former President Donald Trump, said such a thing, which made him in the headlines. Have come. Biden called Trump the future president. Not only this, but he also described himself as 400 years old. And while talking about the future of America, Biden said, "I have never had as much hope for the future of America as I do today."

The video of Biden’s speech is now going viral on social media. In particular, people are listening to his statement of telling himself ‘400 years’ in a funny tone. The US President highlighted the release of his annual budget proposal in a speech in Philadelphia on Thursday, The New York Post reported. He&zwj said he has never been more optimistic about America’s future.

Biden said – I have been here for some 400 years

Talking about Trump, Biden said, "I was in the race for the President of America at that time and you will remember that my former President… And probably had a bigger fight with the future president."he further said- "….and I’ve been here for some 400 years." The audience there also reacted strongly to Biden’s statement.

Oldest US President 

Tell that Joe Biden became the President of America from the Democratic Party. His age is 80 years. He is said to be the oldest President of the United States of America. However, regardless of his age, he is set to face 76-year-old Donald Trump in next year’s elections, even though he has not formally announced his candidacy for the post.

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