The children of this country are living a ‘zombie life’ in the name of education, why did the government have to take this step?

Indonesia School Timing: Every morning in a city in Indonesia, sleepy children are forced to go to school in the morning itself. They are seen going to school only when it is dark in the morning. This is not a science-fiction film, but a reality.

Nowadays, an experiment named Pilot Project has been started in Kupang, the capital of East Nusa Tenggara province of Indonesia. In this the day has to be started very early. Especially people who have to go to school.

Experiment termed controversial
The experiment being done with children in Indonesia has been termed controversial. The local administration of Kupang has ordered class 12 students in 10 high schools to start classes from 5:30 am as a pilot project. Officials in Kupang say the plan, announced last month by Governor Victor Laiskodat, aims to strengthen children’s discipline.

Lack of sleep can put health at risk
In Kupang, the capital of Sri Nusa Tenggara province, a parent told AFP that it is extremely difficult for children. They have to leave the house to go to school when it is pitch dark. We are not able to accept it. Going to school in the dark in the morning is just not the right thing for their safety.

On this plan, education expert Marcel Robot of Nusa Sendana University told AFP that it has nothing to do with efforts to improve the quality of education. Prolonged sleep deprivation in students can endanger health and cause behavioral changes.

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