‘Sweden to join NATO…’, Turkey’s president amid anti-Islam protests

Turkey Over Sweden: Recently Sweden has applied to join NATO. He took such a decision after Russia attacked Ukraine. After this decision of Sweden, Turkey protested fiercely. In response, Sweden also protested fiercely. Turkish President Erdoğan said on Monday (January 23) that Sweden should not expect Turkey’s support to join NATO after anti-Islam protests, according to news agency AFP.

During this protest, Stram Kurs Rasmus Paludan, leader of the far-right Danish political party, burnt the Koran. Sweden needs Turkey’s support to gain entry into NATO as fear rises in Europe after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. 

Swedish-Danish politician’s action

During this protest, Turkey had said that it was canceling the visit of Sweden’s Defense Minister with the aim of removing objections to NATO membership. For this, the Foreign Minister of Turkey had urged the President of the country to ban the rally. This protest started from Stockholm, the capital of Sweden.

Turkey authorities also condemned right-wing Swedish-Danish politician Rasmus Paludan for protesting in front of their embassy in the Swedish capital because he had burned the Koran.

Ankara’s demand

During the ongoing protests between Sweden and Turkey, Turkey had demanded that it hand over the Kurdish activists. Along with this, Turkey had also demanded Sweden to stop the rallies. Earlier in May 2022 last year, President Erdogan has expressed Turkey’s opposition to NATO membership for Finland and Sweden. An offer from the Nordic countries to send a delegation to Turkey to address the matter was rejected.

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