Stop birth registration of children of Same-Sex Couples’, this woman PM’s decree enraged LGBT community

Same-sex Relationships: In the European country Italy these days, there is fierce opposition to the government’s decision on same-sex couples. Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni issued an order asking the mayor of Milan City to immediately stop the birth registration of children of same-sex couples. After this decision of the government, there is a lot of anger in the LGBT community. Demonstrations are now taking place in Milan, sparking a renewed debate on gay rights.

Milan City’s mayor has said he will respect the Centre’s order, but will continue to support gay parents and their children. Will continue to fight politically for the guarantee of rights. Milan’s centre-left mayor, Giuseppe Sala, said he had received a letter from the interior ministry, calling for the registration of children of same-sex couples to be stopped.

Registration of surrogate children for homosexuals was recognized
Let us tell you that many countries do not have clear laws on the rights of homosexuals. In Italy, in the absence of clear legislation on the issue, some courts have ruled in favor of allowing same-sex couples to adopt each other’s children. Along with this, the mayors of some cities, including Milan here, had recognized the registration of surrogate children for same-sex couples. When this was opposed, the Italian woman Prime Minister issued an order asking the Mayor of Milan City to stop such registrations with immediate effect.

Prime Minister Giorgia is in favor of Christian customs
Before talking about this order of Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, it is necessary to tell that Giorgia Meloni came to power as a custodian of traditional Christian customs. He strongly condemned gender ideology and LGBT lobby. Now when his government has recently taken a shocking decision for gay couples, this decision has been opposed by the LGBT community and their activists.

Registration now blocked because surrogate pregnancy is illegal here 
Earlier in 2016, Italy overcame opposition from Catholic and Conservative groups to allow homosexuality. The marriage was granted. However, there is no law in this country against homophobia. Even after gay marriage is legalized, a problem in Italy is that adopting a child by same-sex couples would encourage surrogate pregnancy, and surrogate pregnancy is illegal in Italy.

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