Russia-Ukraine War: The first country of NATO, which will give fighter jet to Ukraine, will send MiG 29 to the battlefield

MiG29 To Ukraine: A devastating war is being fought between Ukraine and Russia for the last one year. Till now thousands of soldiers of these two countries have died. For the last few days, the war is taking a more terrifying form. Allies of Ukraine and Russia are openly extending a helping hand.

A dozen MiG-29 fighter jets near Poland
Poland President Andrzej Duda says that in the coming days, Poland will give 4 MiG-29 fighter jets to Ukraine. This step will help to strengthen Ukraine in the war. Poland currently has about a dozen Soviet-built MiG-29s, first taken from East German stocks in the early 1990s.

Against sending US fighter jets
Although the President of Poland Andrzej Duda did not give information about whether other countries can also take such a step. Apart from Poland, Slovakia will also send MiG fighter jets to Ukraine. After Poland’s decision, the US said that Poland’s decision has not changed the US decision against sending its fighter jets to Ukraine.

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