Russia Ukraine War: Is Russia looking for Vladimir Putin’s successor? Ukrainian intelligence officer made this claim

Russia-Ukriane Conflict: In the midst of the ongoing war with Ukraine, Russia has intensified its search for a replacement for President Vladimir Putin. Actually, a Ukrainian intelligence officer has made such a claim. His failure in the war is being told behind Putin’s removal. Significantly, in February last year, the war between Russia and Ukraine started. It was expected that Russia would easily win. But Kiev is still holding ground thanks to Western military aid. 

Ukrainian intelligence agency has claimed that discontent against Vladimir Putin is growing in Russia. Andrey Yusov, a spokesman for Ukraine’s military intelligence, said the search for Vladimir Putin’s successor began at a time when Putin was surrounded. His opposition has started increasing. 

Andrey Yusov says that Vladimir Putin is not included in the race for the next President of Russia. However, he has not told about who will replace Vladimir Putin. However, one thing is certain that Putin will be relieved of his post.

Putin visits Mariupol

Significantly, Russian President Vladimir Putin visited the occupied Mariupol on Sunday. Russian media has given this information. Mariupol has been occupied by Moscow’s army since May 2022. Putin flew to Mariupol by helicopter, then drove around several districts of the city to take stock of the situation. 

ICC issues warrant 

Tell that the International Criminal Court (ICC) has issued a warrant for the arrest of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The court believes that there is enough evidence to charge President Putin with war crimes in Ukraine. It was also his first public appearance since the warrant was issued. 

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