Rishi Sunak Dog Issue: Rishi Sunak reached the park with his pet dog, then there was a ruckus, know the whole matter

Rishi Sunak Dog Issue: Indian-origin Prime Minister of Britain Rishi Sunak and his family walk their dog – Nova the Labrador – in Hyde Park in central London seen to be After this his video was made, after which the local police is facing trouble.

Actually, according to the report of foreign media news AFP, according to the rules of the park, it is a crime to roam in the park without any belt. The reason behind this is that due to not having a belt, the danger to other types of creatures is less.

The dog is roaming freely in the park
It can be clearly seen in the video clip posted on Tiktok that Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s dog is roaming freely in the park. On the other hand, according to a statement made by the police, referring to Rishi Sunak’s wife Akshata Murthy, said that  an officer present at that time spoke to Akshata Murthy and her rules were explained. After this the dog was belted again. Although PM’s spokesperson Rishi Sunak has not commented on this incident. Downing Street has similarly declined to comment on the reports.

was the first UK premier
However, this is not the first time that Rishi Sunak has had to face trouble with the police. He was also in the headlines in the controversy of breaking the lockdown laws during Kovid. He was also fined earlier for not wearing the car seatbelt on Rishi Sunak, for which he apologized saying it was his mistake. Even though Rishi Sunak has attempted to present a more healthy image than former  Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who was the first UK premier to be fined by the police.

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