Railway ticket issued from Pakistan to India 76 years ago went viral, fare was so cheap in 1947

Railway Ticket From Pakistan to India: Some interesting videos or pictures often go viral on social media daily. These videos or pictures attract a lot of attention of people and force them to comment. In this episode, now a railway ticket between India and Pakistan (Viral Railway Ticket) is becoming fiercely viral on social media. This ticket is about 76 years old and is attracting people’s attention. 

This viral ticket on social media is for the train journey between Rawalpindi and Amritsar in Pakistan. The fare for nine people is written on this ticket. The fare for a man in this 76-year-old ticket is about Rs 4. 

Pakistan to India train ticket goes viral

Socio-economic development around the world has fluctuated with major historical changes. Some people cherish these changes and experiences as a memento. The viral ticket shows that there was a time when a person could travel the distance between two countries by spending just Rs 4. This piece of paper as a ticket has great importance, which cannot be described in words.

Rs 36 ticket for 9 people

A careful look at an old ticket from Pakistan to India at the time of independence clearly shows that in 1947 a ticket between Rawalpindi and Amritsar for nine people was only Rs 36 and 9 annas . The picture of the ticket was posted on a Facebook page called ‘Pak Rail Lovers’. The post said, “Picture of a train ticket issued on 17-09-1947 after independence. The ticket price for traveling from Rawalpindi to Amritsar for 9 people is Rs 36 and 9 annas.

This viral post on social media has immediately caught the attention of many people. Many are seeing it as a relic of the past. Many people are calling it antique while some people are calling it gold. On the other hand, some people are saying that in 1947 the ticket of Rs 4 per person (Railway Ticket) was expensive in a way. 

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