Qatargate Scandal: ‘So much money came that I didn’t know what to do’

Qatargate Scandal in EU: The Qatargate scandal related to the European Parliament has become a major topic of discussion in the European media these days. The layers of corruption in the EU have started to open after the excerpts of an interview of the main suspect of this scandal were leaked. Former European Union (EU) MP Pier Antonio Panzeri is considered the prime suspect in the scandal.

According to Western media reports, a deal was struck between Pier Antonio Panzeri and the Belgian investigative authorities. After which it was decided that Antonio Panzeri would reveal the details of the Katargate corruption scandal and in return his sentence would be reduced. Some sentences that came out of Antonio’s mouth are believed to open the layers of this big scandal.

Scandal created panic in the European Parliament
Going to the bottom of the Katargate scandal, a German news portal said in its report that on December 9, 4 people were alleged in Brussels, the capital of Belgium. Was arrested in the scam. With the arrest of those people, the bubble of Katargate scandal spread across Europe. The scandal has dogged the European Parliament ever since.

These 4 people were arrested, most of the questioning continues
In this scandal, the Belgian police have so far seized 1.5 million Euros in cash from private residences. Among those arrested by the police are Eva Kylie of Greece and her partner Francesco Giorgi. At the time of the Qatargate scandal, Eva Kylie was the Vice President of the European Parliament and her partner, Francesco Giorgi, was the professional assistant to Antonio Panzeri (a former EU Member of Parliament). In addition to Antonio Panzeri, Eva Kaili and their partner Francesco Giorgi, the fourth arrest in the case was Niccolò Figa-Talamanca, head of a human rights non-governmental organization.

Excerpts from the statement of Antonio Panzeri, the main suspect, were leaked
According to the interview given by Antonio Panzeri, the main suspect in this scandal, the Qatargate scandal started in Morocco. Panzeri admitted that Abderrahim Atamoun, a Moroccan official, gave him 50,000 euros for an election campaign in Milan in 2014. After this, the friendship of both continued to flourish. The atamoun also later financed a luxury trip to Morocco for Kylie, Giorgi and two other European Union MPs (Andrea Cozzolino and Maria Arena).

Notes rained from Qatar after Morocco, ‘Qatargate’
Panjeri has admitted that after Morocco, the game of money transfer started from Doha in Qatar. Qatar promised Panzeri and Giorgi one million euros each in 2018 and 2019. According to Panjeri’s statement, by 2021, he had so much money that he did not know what to do with that amount. Similarly, a scam of billions of rupees took place. However, some information regarding the transfer of money is still not clear. Preliminary investigation has revealed that the scam was worth billions of rupees.

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