Pakistani Expert Over India: Pakistani expert praised PM Modi’s foreign policy, said- he changed people’s lives

Pakistani Expert Over India Visit: Pakistani foreign policy expert Uzair Younus had come on his recent visit to India. He talked about India’s tour in a YouTube show from Pakistan. He said that while traveling in India, he felt as if he was traveling in some future.

Uzair Yunus said that Pakistani people are being spread false things for politics. They are being taught hatred. According to ANI report, Uzair Yunus talked about digital progress and secular issues during his visit to India. Apart from this, the rising inflation in Pakistan was also discussed.

Discussion about things related to India
Uzair Yunus is the director of the Pakistan Initiative at the South Asia Center of the Atlantic Council. He discussed things related to India in a podcast of a private YouTube channel named The Pakistan Experience. He said that Indians have the attitude of ‘It’s our moment’. This attitude in them has come because of investment in infrastructure development and efforts to digitize the economy.

Yunus said that there is a lot of energy in the Indian people. They think positive. They have a now or never mindset. He said that when he was in Mumbai, he saw that right from the cobbler to the paan seller there uses digital payment. He was very impressed to see this. 
13 percent of the country’s GDP
Yunus said that he also saw that people were selling kachoris on carts. Eat and go like this. He said that I was wondering why the shopkeeper is giving without taking money from his customer. Then I saw that there was a Paytm QR code and customers were scanning the code to make payments. He said that fintech companies in India sell smart speakers to businessmen so that they can keep an eye on the money received. The speaker makes an announcement after every payment.

praise of PM Modi
Yunus also said that in India Narendra Modi has changed lives. He said government subsidies made digital wallets more popular and encouraged online services, reducing corruption and enabling more online payments.

Modi government was criticized and he was accused of wasting government money. People said that nothing will happen by opening bank accounts with the subsidy of banks with zero balance. But it has changed everyone’s life.

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