Pakistan: Former Pak PM’s problems are increasing, new cases on PTI workers including Imran and allied leader Qureshi

Imran Khan Pakistan News: There is a political ruckus in neighboring country Pakistan. Attempts are being made to arrest Prime Minister Imran Khan since a month ago, but due to protests by his supporters, the police-administration is not able to send him to jail. Several cases have been registered against Imran in the last few months on charges of different crimes. However, he has not been arrested in any case so far.

There is news that Pakistani police have again registered some cases against the workers and leaders of Imran Khan-led Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI). These cases have been registered in three different cases related to terrorism. In which dozens of supporters including former prime minister and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan and his close aide Shah Mahmood Qureshi have been named as accused.

4 different cases registered against PTI leaders-workers
According to the report of Pakistani newspaper ‘Dawn’, Islamabad Police has arrested Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leaders, workers And has registered 4 separate cases against the supporters on various charges including the Anti-Terrorism Act and arrested more than two dozen people. These new cases come at a time when Imran Khan is already facing a non-bailable arrest warrant in the Toshkhana case.

Sword of arrest hanging in the Toshakhana case
Imran Khan is an accused in the Toshakhana Case, and in this case a non-bailable arrest warrant was issued against him. There are allegations against Imran that he bought the gifts deposited in the Toshakhana cheaply (for Rs 2.15 crore) and then sold them at a higher price in the market and earned more than Rs five crore as profit. It is being told that those gifts also included a Graph watch, a pair of cufflinks, an expensive pen, a ring and four Rolex watches. The PTI chief is also accused of having changed a law to suppress the affairs of Toshakhana.

What is Toshakhana?
Toshakhana in Pakistan means a room where the clothes, jewelry and expensive things like gifts etc. of ruling or rich families are kept safely. The government depository in Pakistan is named Toshakhana, also known as the State Depository in English.

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