Nepal: Doctors in Nepal removed liquor bottle from man’s stomach, one arrested

Nepal: Doctors in Nepal have succeeded in extracting a bottle of liquor from the stomach of a 26-year-old man. The case pertains to Gujra municipality of Rautahat district. Here 26-year-old Noorsad Mansuri was admitted to the hospital after his health deteriorated. There was unbearable pain in the stomach. During the medical examination, something was confirmed in the stomach. 

After this a team of doctors had to do emergency surgery. During the operation, everyone was surprised to see the bottle coming out of the patient’s stomach. According to media reports, the patient is now out of danger after this complicated surgery. According to the information received, one person has also been arrested after this operation.

According to the report of ‘The Himalayan Times’ newspaper, the patient was admitted to the hospital after suffering unbearable pain. During the medical examination, there were indications of something in the stomach. After this the doctors made a plan to operate. A two-and-a-half-hour surgery was performed to successfully remove the vodka bottle. 

Intestines were ruptured

A doctor who performed the surgery said that the patient’s intestine had ruptured due to the bottle of alcohol, due to which the condition was worsening. Stool was leaking due to intestinal rupture. We had no option but to operate. The conditions were difficult but the surgery was successful, now the patient is out of danger.  

Police told that 26-year-old Noorsad Mansoori’s health had deteriorated because of his friend. He drank heavily with friends, in a state of intoxication, one of his friends forcefully inserted a bottle in his stomach through his private part. On this charge, a friend of Mansoori has been arrested by the police. 

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