NASA Andromeda Galaxy: NASA released pictures of Andromeda Galaxy, looks like a rainbow

Andromeda Galaxy: American National Aeronautics and Space (NASA) recently shared pictures of Andromeda Galaxy on the social media platform Instagram. The Andromeda Galaxy is our closest neighbor to the Milky Way.

The distance of Andromeda Galaxy from the sun, which is considered the most important energy source for our earth, is 2.5 million light years. According to NASA scientists, the Andromeda Galaxy is larger than our Galaxy and contains more stars than our Milky Way Galaxy.

The rainbow appears

Andromeda Galaxy appears rainbow colored. The reason behind this is that it is many crores of miles away from us. Infrared waves emerge at this place. These are such radio waves, which we cannot see with the naked eye. That’s why they are shown in visual colors. The colors it produces tell us about the gas and dust that often fills the interstellar space, giving us a better understanding of Andromeda’s composition and history. It is very important for us to understand the universe, for this it is also necessary to understand the dust and gas present in them.

Interesting thing behind the formation of dust and gas

There is also an interesting thing behind the formation of dust and gas in our universe. It is often formed with the help of dying stars. Apart from this, it also plays an important role in the formation of new stars. Many of the heavy chemical elements needed to make this Earth-like planet are locked in space dust.

NASA told about the picture that almost all the colors of the spiral rainbow of the Andromeda Galaxy are visible. The Andromeda Galaxy is blue in the center and red at the edges. This is in contrast to the black background of space. The images show green clouds of dust outside the galaxy.

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