Iran’s Chaharshanbe Suri Fire Festival: Violence erupted in Iran’s Chahar-Shambe Suri Fire Festival, dozens killed, thousands injured

Iran Protests Update: A dozen people lost their lives due to the outbreak of violence in the ongoing protests against the regime in Islamic country Iran. The number of injured is being told in thousands. According to Iranian human rights activists, hundreds of protesters have been killed by regime supporters and police forces in the past few months.

The latest incident of violence is from Iran’s Chahar-Shambe Suri Fire Festival. Like Lohri is celebrated in Punjab, it is celebrated there in the same way. Violence erupted during demonstrations against the regime in Iran during this festival before the Persian New Year.

Many changes were made in and out of the country
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Violence erupted in protests in Iran
According to the reports of foreign media, around 27 people have lost their lives in the ongoing protests in Iran since February 20. At the same time, about 3,550 people have been injured. Human rights activists have been quoted as saying that a large number of people have been targeted during demonstrations in Iran in the past few months.

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Decision to release 22 thousand accused 
Human rights activists say that during the demonstrations, about 530 protesters were killed and 20 thousand people were arrested. However, after that, on March 13, the Iranian government decided to release 22,000 accused who had participated in hijab and anti-government protests. This was announced by the Judiciary Chief of Iran.

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Such protests have intensified since the beginning of the protest against the hijab
It may be noted that protests against the hijab had started in Iran last year, which were suppressed by fundamentalists and government supporters. Tried to. Meanwhile, on September 16, 2022, the police caught  Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old Muslim girl, was killed.

The police had arrested her for not wearing the hijab properly. Later she was tortured and she went into a coma. After her death, a large number of women took to the streets in Iran.

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