Iran government divided over hijab protests, research claims

Iran Hijab Protest: Anti-Hijab Protest is going on in Iran for the last several months. So far many people have lost their lives in this Protest. The reason for starting this protest was 22-year-old Mahsa Amini, who was arrested by the police for not wearing the hijab properly. This incident took place last year in the month of September in 2022. Mahsa Amini died while in police custody. Since then, anti-hijab protests have reached their peak in Iran. 

Many people who participated in this Protest were also hanged by the Government of Iran. The situation in Iran is getting worse day by day. Amidst the deteriorating situation, Iran’s Supreme Leader Leader Ali Khamenei on Saturday (January 7) took a major decision and removed the old Police Chief Hussein Ashtari. In his place, Brigadier-General Ahmadreza Radan was appointed as the new police chief. Hussein Ashtari was the police chief in Iran for the last eight years. Prior to this, the new police chief Ahmadreza Radan has also been the head of the police research team.

The Iranian regime is divided

Ongoing protests in Iran Analysts say the country’s Islamic regime is divided over months of protests, wavering amid an attempt to quell discontent. Nader Hashmi, director of the Center for Middle East Studies at the University of Denver, US, said, "The conflicting messages we are receiving from the Iranian regime suggest an internal debate on how to deal with the ongoing protests." 

Two-sided decision

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