Indian In UK: Education level of Indians in UK is good, maximum 71% Indians have their own house, survey revealed

Indian Diaspora In UK: There is a sizeable population of Indians in the United Kingdom. A recent survey found that people of Indian origin in the UK have very high levels of education and a high proportion of working professionals among all ethnic groups.

According to the Times of India report, the 2021 census data in the UK has shown that Indians own more homes in England and Wales.

Chinese also have high education
The survey revealed that not only the Chinese community, the education level of Indians is also high and there is a high proportion of professionals. The education level of 56 percent of the Chinese population in the UK is high. 52 percent of Indians have a high level of education. The House Ownership Survey states that 71 per cent of Indian ethnicities own a home, followed by Whites at 68 per cent.

The report also noted that there were large inequalities between ethnic groups in education, employment, health and housing in England and Wales. Indian and Chinese ethnic groups together account for 34 per cent of professional occupations, including doctors, teachers and lawyers. This is followed by 33 per cent white Irish, 30 per cent Arabs, 20 per cent Pakistanis, 17 per cent Bangladeshi and 19 per cent white British.

White ethnicity has the highest business figure
The census-based report also states that in relation to business figures, other white ethnicity had the highest business figure at 63 percent, with followed by 62 per cent of white British and Irish, 61 per cent of Indians.

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