India US Relations: ‘China trying to steal American military technology’, US said- India is a reliable friend for us

America China Tensions: China is trying to access American Military Technology to make its army more powerful and modern. This thing has been said by US Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo. Gina Raimondo said on Friday (March 10) that the US has its eyes wide open to know the truth about how China is trying to gain direct access to US military technology.

US Taking the name of India in her statement, Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo further said that India is a reliable technology partner of America. He said, "We need to protect ourselves and our allies and partners from what China is trying (to steal technology)."

US wants to work together with India
US push towards technology separation with China and what role will India play in the global semiconductor supply chain role and in response to a question on the broader US efforts to disengage from China, Gina Raimondo said, "We see India as a reliable technology partner and we look forward to further deepening our technology ties with India."

He‍ "We have recently launched ICET (Initiative on Critical and Emerging Technologies) with India for critical and emerging technologies and we look forward to working with India in the private sector on new technologies."

‘We don’t want technological isolation from China’
After this, Raimondo spoke, "I also want to clarify that America does not demand separation from China, nor do we want technical separation from China. What we want to do is make sure that while the US is ahead of others in some technologies, China has a clear strategy to access these technologies and deploy them in the Chinese military system."

‘Export of many technologies to China stopped’
Raimondo said, "Those are technologies that we followed ‘export control’ rules to ban sales to China. Well we do a lot of business with China…but the fact is that China is clearly trying to get access to American technology for use in its military."

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