India Afghan Relation: India sent huge help, then Taliban got angry, said this in praise of PM Modi

India Help Afghanistan: These days Afghanistan is facing economic crisis. In such a situation, extending a helping hand towards Afghanistan, India had recently announced to send 20 thousand metric tonnes of wheat. Gadgad Taliban has praised the Modi government for this help sent by India. The Taliban has said that people-to-people relations between the two countries will improve.

Taliban speaker Suhail Shaheen said in a statement to Wion News, “Afghanistan is thankful to India for the help of 20 thousand metric tonnes of wheat. With this type of humanitarian help, trust is established between the two countries. This strengthens the relations between the two countries.” Taliban speaker has described India as the real leader of the world.

India will help Afghanistan

India said, “There is a humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan at this time. There people are not even getting bread to eat. This is the reason why India has decided to send 20 thousand metric tonnes of wheat to Afghanistan.”

This wheat will be sent from India through Chabahar port located in Iran. India has always been helping Afghanistan. Earlier in the year 2020 also, India had sent 75 thousand metric tonnes of food grains to Afghanistan. After this, in the year 2021, India had sent 50 thousand metric tonnes of wheat through Pakistan.

However, India has still not accepted the Taliban’s rule in Afghanistan. India has always been advocating for a truly inclusive government in Kabul.

Terrorism was also discussed

During the meeting held on Tuesday (March 07), India and five Central Asian countries discussed ways to jointly combat the regional threats of terrorism and extremism. During this, it was emphasized that the land of Afghanistan should not be used for terrorist training or planning any such activity.

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