Imran Khan Arrest Row: Pakistani doctors appealed for help to save Imran Khan, wrote a letter to American MPs

Pakistani Doctors Ask For US Help: Pakistani doctors living in America have expressed concern about the safety of former Prime Minister Imran Khan. More than 500 Pakistani doctors have sent a letter to American lawmakers. In this, he has demanded to raise questions regarding the security of PTI chief.

PTI Chairman’s advisor on foreign affairs Atif Khan has claimed that he is not just a PTI supporter. These are people coming from different social and political backgrounds. He has further said that love for Imran Khan from America in such a large number shows how far his popularity is. We are all concerned about their safety. People all over the world are worried for him.

What did the doctors write in the letter?

Another group called Pak Public Affairs Committee (PAC) has also written a letter expressing concern about the current political situation in Pakistan. Pak PAC usually campaigns in the US Congress on community issues. Both groups have urged their members to send letters to their local lawmakers as well as to the chairs of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Dawn reports. 

According to the report, the doctors have written in their letter that we are writing this letter to draw your immediate attention to the serious situation in Pakistan. The safety and well-being of millions of citizens, including our families, are at risk because of the human rights violations and repression of the current government. Current Government of Pakistan Former PM Imran Khan

Pakistani people’s voice should be heard

Demanding MPs to protect the former prime minister along with his loved ones, the doctors have written that we believe that the current situation in Pakistan is very bad, but it needs to be addressed before it gets worse. He wrote that as Pakistani-American citizens, we are asking for your support to ensure that the voices of the Pakistani people are heard, and their human rights are protected.

Asad Chowdhury, a founding member of another group called the American Pakistani Public Affairs Committee (APPAC), urged all political parties in Pakistan to show maturity.

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