Happiest Man On Earth: Even 12 years of investigation could not find sadness, know who is the happiest person in the world

World’s Most Happiest Person: In today’s run-of-the-mill life, people have to take special care of their happiness. In such a situation, people do not do anything for their happiness. Some people roam around, do shopping for this and some watch movies. Well it is said that happiness cannot be bought with money. But, as a result of a research, it has been revealed that money not only brings happiness, but as money increases, the graph of happiness also goes up.

It was found in the research that by earning an income of 80 lakh rupees annually, happiness starts increasing and goes on increasing. Actually, Nobel laureate and economist Daniel Kahn made more than 33 thousand American adults (18 to 65 years) a part of his research. The annual income of these adults was less than $10,000. After studying the responses of these adults, Kahn believed that money was related to happiness. This report has been published in the National Academy of Sciences. 

Happiness has nothing to do with money!
Let us tell you that Nobel laureate Daniel Kahn Mann is the same person who said in the year 2010 that happiness has nothing to do with money. Is. In this research, there is a story of a man named Matthew Richard. Mathew Richard was born in the year 1946. Mathew’s parents used to teach philosophy. Mathieu went to normal school-college like other French children, but he did a PhD in molecular genetics. This was the biggest degree in education. 

 Leaving France and coming to Tibet
Matthew Richard was not happy even after this and left France and came to Tibet in search of happiness. After coming to Tibet, Mathew started working as French interpreter of Dalai Lama. Here he started doing meditation. He learned other things related to Buddhism, gradually with time Mathew’s happiness also increased. Even the people who came close to him started being happy. Matthew himself began to believe that he had found a way to be happy all the time and no change made him sad anymore.

Research lasted for 12 years 
After this, Matthew Richard was named, and the scientists of the University of Wisconsin decided to investigate him. University neurologists put 256 sensors on his head, so that every movement happening inside could be detected. This research lasted for 12 years. It showed that whenever monks meditated, their brain used to produce gamma radiation. They help in increasing attention and memory.

It was shown through the sensor that Mathew’s left side was very active. This part is not only related to creativity, but it is also related to happiness. The team of scientists had never seen anything like this. After all, the researchers believed that there is so much happiness within Matthew that there is no room left for negativity. Later this research was also done on other Buddhist saints. During this, it was seen that there are many changes in the brain of those who practice meditation for a long time. Even meditating for 20 minutes daily for three consecutive weeks produced changes within the brain.

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