Guardian Reports: Big breakthrough for scientists! Two male rats gave birth to babies

Guardian Reports: Have you ever heard that two male animals can give birth to a child? Maybe not, but now maybe. Yes, for the first time, scientists have given birth to newborn rats with the help of two biological male rats. Scientists from Kyushu University in Japan have got this great success. At the same time, they are hopeful that the new breakthrough may provide new ways to treat infertility in the future. The study appears at the 3rd International Summit on Human Genome Editing  at the Francis Crick Institute in London. 

Seven mice were left alive 
Scientist told about the research that first removing the Y chromosome from the body of male mouse and duplicating the X chromosome , by which it turns into a zygote. According to The Guardian’s report, scientists made more than 500 transplants using this technique, but only seven of them survived healthy. This is not the first time such an attempt has been made. According to the report, in 2018, Chinese scientists gave birth to children from two father rats, but after some time all died. 

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