Dangerous gangster jailed for 1310 years, the law of this country is strange

El Salvador Gangster: In El Salvador, a dreaded gangster named Wilmer Segovia was sentenced to 1 thousand 310 years for his crimes. Its long list of crimes includes a total of 33 murders, nine murder conspiracies and many other dangerous activities.

 According to the report of The Metro News, a criminal named Wilmer Segovia was a member of the Shelton cell of the Mara Salvatrucha gang, also known as MS-13. This criminal is notorious for his heinous crimes in El Salvador.

Controversial gang war results
The Metro News reports about another criminal who was sentenced to a long prison term. The name of this gangster is Miguel Angel Portillo. He was sentenced to 945 years in prison for his involvement in 22 murders and several other crimes of murder, assault, arson and extortion. The convictions are the result of a highly controversial year-long gang war launched by El Salvador’s President, Nayib Bukele, against the country’s most prominent gangs.

A few days ago, the government of El Salvador shifted thousands of suspected gang members to the recently opened mega prison. This was confirmed by the President of the country by tweeting. Several gang members are incarcerated in the new mega prison.

Hoy in the morning, in a single operation, we transferred the first 2,000 pandilleros to the Center of Confination of Terrorism (CECOT).

Esta será su nueva casa, donde vivirán por décadas, mezclados, sin poder hacerle más dañoa la población.

Seguimos…GuerraContraPandillas pic.twitter.com/9VvsUBvoHC

— Nayib Bukele (@nayibbukele) February 24, 2023

Tweet of the President of El Salvador
Nyab Bukele, the President of El Salvador had a tweet on February 24, in which he wrote that in an operation in the morning we killed the first 2,000 members of the gang. Shifted to the Center for the Confinement of Terrorism (CECOT). This would be his new home, where he would live for decades.  Around 2,000 such accused gang members have been shifted to a jail with a capacity of 40,000 inmates.

Such prisons are considered the largest in America. Other rights groups have raised questions about alleged abuses during the state of emergency, including possible arrests of innocent people and cover-up of deaths of prisoners in state custody.

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