Children getting sick due to social media addiction in America, school filed a case on Facebook-Ticketock

Social Media: School children in America are getting addicted to social media, due to which they are not able to study properly. In fact, America’s Seattle Public School (Washington) has blamed big companies for creating social media addiction among the youth. A case has also been filed for this. The lawsuit states that the schools are failing to fulfill their educational mission, while school students are suffering from anxiety, depression, and other psychological problems.

Parents blame companies for suicides

Let us tell you that last year many parents in America filed a petition in the court and blamed more than a dozen companies for committing suicide on children. In such a situation, the case filed by the school against big tech companies is important in itself. 

Meta documents revealed 

Google’s claim

Google spokesman Jose Castaneda said in an email, "We’ve made huge investments in creating a safe experience for children on our platform and have introduced strong security and dedicated features to prioritize children’s well-being." For example, through Family Link, we provide parents the ability to set reminders, limit screen time, and block specific types of content on supervised devices."

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