British Royal Family: King Charles refused to pay for the treatment of Prince Andrew, the therapy was done by an Indian yogi

British Royal Family News: British Prince Andrew’s health is not doing well. He has been getting treatment from an Indian Yogi for many years. Recently, Andrew sent a bill of 32 lakhs to King Charles of Britain for the cost of treatment, but King Charles shocked Andrew by saying that he should pay his own fees.

British newspaper ‘The Sun’ According to, King Charles can give an even bigger blow to British Prince Andrew. He can soon ban Andrew’s annual salary of Rs 249 lakh. This money is also given to them from the Duchy of Lancaster. A few days ago, Andrew was asked to vacate his home, Royal Lodge.

The cost of treatment is far away, the house has also been vacated

The house from where Andrew has been thrown out is the same house where Andrew used to get his therapy done by an Indian yogi. It was told in the British media that Indian yogis have been giving therapy to Andrew through mantras, massage and meditation for many years. For this, he stayed in Andrew’s Royal Lodge house for about 1 month, although Andrew has now vacated this house.

Why was the prince refused to bear the expenses?

Andrew is not left with his own separate house, but now he will live in Frogmore Cottage, home of Prince Harry. It is being told that Andrew was given a blow by the British King King Charles because there was a fear of sending the wrong message to the people of the country about the royal family. In fact, inflation is increasing in Britain and the British royal family wants to show that they are also saving.

A fee of 32 lakhs has to be paid in a year 

According to the news in the British media, for the last several years, Prince Andrew has been taking the help of an Indian Yogi to remove his health problems, for which he has to pay a fee of 32 lakhs in a year. Till now, Queen Elizabeth of Britain used to get these fees, but King Charles has refused to do so.

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