Brazil: Woman buries neighbor’s dog alive, fed up with barking

Trending News: A strange case has come to light in Brazil. Where a woman has buried her neighbor’s dog alive. According to media reports, the woman was angry with the neighbor’s dog barking excessively. After this he carried out the incident. He himself has confessed this. 

According to the report, this incident is from Planura Municipality of Brazil. Where the 82-year-old woman has confessed to burying the dog (Nina). The owner of the dog told the police that when he questioned the accused woman about the dog, she pointed towards the garden. He told that I have buried Neena alive. After hearing this the owner of the dog pulled Nina out of the ground. 

In police interrogation, the 82-year-old accused woman told that she was not able to sleep at night due to the barking of the neighbour’s dog. For the last several days, he could not get enough sleep. She was annoyed by this. The same thing happened on the day of the incident. He told that the dog did not stop barking when he refused. After this he decided to bury Nina alive in the ground. 

According to the report the dog is alive. The dog’s owner took him to the hospital in time, where Nina is now healthy after treatment. It is said that the dog was buried alive for about one and a half hours. 

Despite all this, the neighbor has no regrets for his actions. She warned the owner of the dog that if this happens in the future also, I will do the same. When the police interrogated the 82-year-old woman, she said that she would bury it again. The woman has been accused of abusing animals. Also he has been sent to police custody. 

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