America Russia Conflict: Russia gave state honor to Russian pilots who threw fuel on American drone

Russian Fighter Jet Collision With US Drone: Tension is increasing after the collision of Russian jet and American drone over the Black Sea. America has released a video of this incident. At the same time, the Russian pilots involved in this incident were awarded state honors by the Ministry of Defense of Russia on Friday (March 17). In fact, America alleges that Russian fighter planes had thrown fuel oil on American drones.

Because of this the American drone had crashed over the Black Sea. After the incident, America lashed out at Russia. The US has clearly alleged that the Russian aircraft performed ‘unsafe and unprofessional’ flew in a manner, due to which this accident happened. But Moscow says the drone went down after losing control.

Pilots get state awards

According to the Defense Ministry of Russia, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu has given state award to Su-27 pilots. These pilots prevented the American MQ-9 drone from violating (Russia’s) temporary airspace. Moscow has said it has established airspace restrictions over the Black Sea as part of its military intervention in Ukraine in accordance with international norms.

On Friday, Moscow reiterated that the pilots did not use on-board weapons, made no contact with the UAV and returned safely to their home airspace. 

US accuses Russia 

The US Army claims that this incident happened due to the irresponsible actions of the Russian pilots. The US warned that these aggressive actions by Russian pilots could lead to misunderstandings and unintended tensions.

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