Afghanistan: This is how women’s day is celebrated under the Taliban regime… Afghan women seen with burqas, discussion on women’s rights in Islam

Afghanistan Women’s Rights: Afghanistan is considered the most dangerous country for women. Here now there is Talibani government (Talibán), which follows strict Islamic rules and regulations. However, on March 8, when Women’s Day was celebrated all over the world, a special program was also seen in Kabul on this special day. Was seen discussing Islam and women’s rights on the channel. According to the Western media, this program was organized by the Taliban government of Afghanistan. This happened for the first time when Taliban allowed women to appear on TV after taking over the power of Afghanistan. The Taliban came to power in Afghanistan on 15 August 2021.

Such a program happened for the first time under the Taliban rule
UK’s English news website ‘The Independent’ has detailed about the online program of Women’s Day in Afghanistan. The news is published. According to the news, a panel of 4 women talked about the problems and demands of Afghan women under Taliban rule in the program organized by presenter Sonia Niyazi on Afghanistan’s TOLO News. This program ran on TV for about 50 minutes. During this, the dress of the women involved in the program was completely different from the rest of the countries. 

The women were covered full body
Special on Women’s Day on TOLO News During the transmission, the Afghan women covered their faces with burqas and masks. Was also wearing hijab. There were clothes on the whole body except the eyes. Among these four women there was one anchor and three panellists. In a statement issued by the Afghan channel, it was said, "We want to show that an open discussion can be held within the ambit of Islam. That’s why on International Women’s Day we decided to do ‘All Female Discussion Telecast’."

Discussion on the plight of Afghan women in the UN
On the one hand, this program of four women was being aired in Afghanistan on March 8, on Women’s Day. On the other hand, the world community was talking about the plight of Afghan women in the UN. On behalf of the UN, it was said that after the Taliban rule, the women of Afghanistan are not even getting their basic rights. Afghanistan has become the most oppressive country in the world for women and girls. UN has also released a report in this regard.

Women here are forced to remain imprisoned in homes
The UN mission said, "Anti-women laws have come into force in Afghanistan since the new regime came into force. Due to this, the women there are forced to remain imprisoned in their homes. After capturing power in August 2021, the Taliban has done the work of taking away their rights from women." Explain that after two decades of war, the US and NATO forces had withdrawn from Afghanistan and Kabul was recaptured by the Taliban.

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