23 March Pakistan Day: National Day celebrations will be faded this time in Pakistan, which is struggling with poverty, army limited parade to save expenses

Pakistan Economic Crisis: In order to save expenses in Pakistan, which is facing economic crisis, the government and the army there are taking rash steps. The Pakistan Army has also decided to ‘limit’ the ‘National Day Parade’ to be held every year on March 23, the National Day of Pakistan. Pak army will not organize more grand and big ceremony.

According to ARY News, this time the parade of Pakistan Army will be held in Presidency instead of Shakar Pidian Parade Ground. The ‘National Day Parade’ is the occasion in which the Pakistani army displays its weapons and military might. In Pakistan, ‘National Day’ is celebrated in memory of the Lahore Agreement in the year 1940, Pakistanis believe that the outline of their country was decided by the agreement in 1940, although independence from the British It got it only with the partition of India.

Pakistan is under the burden of debt‍ 

Apart from celebrating the anniversary of independence, ‘National Day’ is also celebrated every year on March 23 in Pakistan. However, in the last few months, the economic crisis in Pakistan has deepened so much that its foreign exchange reserves have remained nominal. Pakistan has also incurred a foreign debt of 100 billion dollars. There, inflation has broken the record of years. Pakistani rupee has become breathless, it has gone to very low level against dollar.

Intent on simplicity and cost cutting 

In view of the deteriorating economic conditions, the Pakistan Army has decided that the National Day Parade to be held on March 23 will now be limited. Experts of Pak affairs say that the army has taken this decision in view of the campaign of Pakistani Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, in which the intention has been made to maintain simplicity and reduce expenditure. According to sources, the army says that it stands united with the people of the country, and will continue to work for the betterment of the country.

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