White House Statement: No indication of Afghan refugees in Pakistan being involved in terrorist activities: White House

White House Statement On Afghan Citizens: Pakistan after Pakistan accused Afghan citizens of indulging in terrorist activities, the White House has said that there is no indication that Afghan refugees are living in Pakistan. Or people living on the border of Afghanistan are involved in terrorist incidents. 

White House National Security Spokesman John Kirby said that it is not right on behalf of Islamabad to accuse Afghan citizens of participating in terrorist activities and creating instability. He said that there is no indication of involvement of Afghan refugees living along the border with Pakistan and Afghanistan in terrorist activities.

Pakistan’s Defense Minister Khwaja Asif had said two days ago, "It was a big mistake to allow Afghan refugees to settle in Pakistan amid increasing terrorist attacks in the country." Asif also said, "The current situation has raised concerns regarding the facilities provided to Afghan refugees". 

Afghan citizens accused of involvement in terrorist activities
Khwaja Asif said that Pakistan had to bear the consequences of providing shelter and facilities to Afghan refugees. He also accused Afghan citizens of being involved in terrorist activities, which Kirby commented on in a press conference on Monday (July 17) that Afghan refugees living in Pakistan or on its border with Afghanistan are involved in terrorist activities. There are no visible signs of joining. 
3 lakh Afghans came to Pakistan
Asif said on Saturday (July 15) that Imran Khan made serious mistakes during its tenure. Asif pointed out that three lakh Afghans were brought to Pakistan, while 500,000 Afghan migrants are already present in Pakistan. 

Top Pakistani army officials said on Monday (July 17) in reference to Taliban-ruled Afghanistan, "One of the reasons for the increase in terrorist attacks is the provision of new weapons and shelter to the terrorists of the banned Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) in the neighboring country.".

Although he did not name the neighboring country. Last week, Pakistan accused neighboring Afghanistan of harboring the banned TTP on its soil.

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