Watch: Kim Jong does not trust Putin’s security? North Korean officials seen examining the chair

Kim Jong-Vladimir Putin Meet 2023: North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un often remains in the headlines due to his security reasons. At present he is in Russia, where special care is being taken for his security. He reached Russia to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin by boarding his special bullet proof train.

Meanwhile, a video is becoming increasingly viral on social media, which is proof of how worried Kim Jong is about his security and how much trust he has in the security system of Russia, which claims friendship.&nbsp ;

In fact, before the meeting with Putin, Kim’s officials thoroughly inspected his chair. Sanitized it properly. A video of this is going viral. According to the report of Kommersant newspaper, his chair was also scanned to ensure that there was no radiation or any kind of danger.

Officials seen wiping black chair  
In the video, a North Korean security officer wearing white gloves was seen wiping Kim Jong’s black chair and spraying an unknown substance on it May go. Besides, a Kremlin employee is also seen helping the North Korean security officer. In the video, a person can also be seen scanning the chair with a metal detector.

Russia🚨 North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un’s chair was reportedly thoroughly examined and tested for radiation by his security officials ahead of talks with Vladimir Putin.

— OSINT Updates (@OsintUpdates) September 13, 2023

Kim’s weight is kept in mind 
According to the report, the capacity of the chair was also examined keeping in mind Kim’s weight. Actually, the weight of the North Korean leader is 140 kg. In such a situation, special care is taken of the chair for them to sit. Immediately after the completion of the investigation, there was a meeting between Putin and Kim, where the possibilities of military cooperation between the two leaders were discussed. During this, Russia indicated that it would help North Korea in making satellites. At the same time, in the meeting, Kim Jong was seen supporting Russia on the war in Ukraine."text-align: justify;">According to the report, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un said, "Russia is fighting a war for its sovereignty and security. We will always support President Putin and Russia." 

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