Watch: Flight was in the air and fireballs started coming out of the engine, passengers got stuck in breath, watch video

Viral News: A plane crash in America narrowly saved its life, whose video is going viral on social media. Actually, the engine of a Southwest Airlines plane caught fire when it was going from Texas to Cancun, Mexico. With the fire, the emergency landing of the aircraft was done in a hurry. 

According to an NBC News report, the viral video on social media is from August 15, when the plane’s engine caught fire soon after takeoff, after which the plane made an emergency landing at Houston’s P Hobby Airport. In a video going viral on social media, Flight 307 can be seen flying above the clouds and suddenly its engines burst into flames. 

Video of fire goes viral 

Black smoke can be seen coming out of the engine in the video recorded after the fire broke out. According to the outlet, it was recorded by Andrew Sandino, a mechanical engineer, as he was leaving the airport. The engineer told NBC News that ‘I saw a big black plume of smoke coming out of the right engine and then big balls of fire started coming out of it, after which the plane rocked back and forth, side to side, very high speed. was shaking.’ 

Gracias to the pilots of flight 307 Houston-Cancún of Southwest Airlines por regresarnos a terrera después de perder un motor Gracias !!!
Sigo tradante de entender.

— Ricardo Garcia (@ricardogarziia) August 16, 2023

He further said, ‘I was thinking that this plane might crash. If the engine explodes completely then a very dangerous accident will happen.  Talking to ABC News, a passenger on the flight told that the condition had worsened due to fear. There was a smell of fuel, everyone on board was praying. 

According to reports, the aircraft landed successfully after spending 27 minutes in the air. According to Southwest Airlines, the plane was taken out of service and passengers were transferred to another plane. In addition, the incident will be investigated.

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