Vladimir Putin Health: Putin has a serious illness! What happened to the Russian President while talking? video viral

Russian President Health: At present, speculation about the health of Russian President Vladimir Putin has intensified. People believe that Vladimir Putin has dementia, which is a forgetful disease. Government officials have said that the health of the Russian President is good after the rumor of this disease spread. 

A clip tweeted by Russian blogger Ulyana Yapparova shows Vladimir Putin talking with Nizhny Novgorod deputy mayor Ivan Shtokman, where Shtokman talks about a patriotic moment that led him to join the army.

The child’s age was wrong
During a recent discussion in the Kremlin, Russian President Vladimir Putin appeared uncertain about the age of a deputy mayor’s child. Due to which the discussion about his health started on social media. Putin falsified the age of Shtokman’s youngest child, saying the child was three years old instead of nine.

— How old are you?
— Младшему 9
— А страшму?
— старшей 23
— Here you see, you have two children, the youngest is only 3 years old

Pleshivy absolutely bad

Information about the dead of the Russian Federation in the war, he, apparently, also shares three. Привет им, by the way. And healthy pic.twitter.com/pqaCRpMj17

— Uliana Yapparova (@Ulianalive) July 19, 2023

Speculation about Putin’s health
There has been speculation about Putin’s health since the start of the Ukraine war, with rumors that he may have cancer, Parkinson’s disease or dementia. Despite these rumours, the Kremlin says Putin is good.

Reacting to the recent viral video on social media, the user said that Putin’s mental state seemed abnormal. At the same time, another user said that Putin has Alzheimer’s disease. His staring at the ceiling and muttering softly were unusual.

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